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leave in peace leave in the lurch leave in the lurch, to leave it at that leave it be leave it out leave it to leave its mark leave little to the imagination leave lots to be desired leave mark on Leave me alone! leave much to be desired leave no stone unturned leave no stone unturned, to leave nothing to the imagination leave of absence leave off leave on leave one cold leave one to fate leave one to own devices leave oneself wide open for leave open leave open the possibility of (something or doing something) leave out leave out in the cold, to leave out of leave over leave somebody cold leave somebody holding the baby leave somebody in the lurch leave somebody to it leave somebody to their own devices leave somebody/something in the dust leave somebody/something standing leave somebody/something to the mercy/mercies of somebody/something leave someone alone leave someone cold leave someone high and dry leave someone in peace leave someone in the lurch leave someone or something standing leave someone to his or her resources leave someone to their own devices leave someone/something out in the cold leave something in its/his/her wake leave something to be desired leave the door open leave the door open for leave the door open for (something or doing something) leave hanging leave holding the bag leave in the lurch leave it at that leave no stone unturned leave off leave one's mark leave open leave out leave out of account leave word with left field left fielder left-handed left-handed compliment left-wing leg man
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