The Enchanting Horse 2

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Once a young man from India was flying around the world on a magical horse. He landed on a palace of the Persian Sultan. The Sultan was an adventurous person. So he was always attracted by strange feats. He wondered when he saw a young man on the horse flying in the sky.

“Where are you coming from? Young man." The Sultan asked the young man.

The young man replied. “I am from India."

The Sultan asked the young man to sell his flying horse to him. The young man agreed with one condition that he should give the princess in marriage to him. The Sultan agreed but he wanted to test the horse. He asked his son to fly the horse to test it.

So the Persian prince mounted the horse. He turned the key to start the horse. The horse flew high in the air. All the courtiers and Sultan cheered him. Sometime later the horse and the prince were out of sight. Even hours later the prince did not return. The Sultan grew worried.

The Sultan said, “Your horse had taken my son some where. I don't know where he is? So you are responsible for that. So he ordered that the young man to be imprisoned till his son returned to the palace.

The Prince was flying in the air and he could not turn the key of the horse to bring it down. He tried again and again but in vain. Finally he turned the key. The horse was controlled by him but he lost the way back to his kingdom. So he wandered over many places in the air and reached his kingdom some days later. When he reached the palace, the Sultan was delighted to see him. So he freed the young man but he refused to give his daughter to him. So the young man wanted to take revenge on the Sultan.

One day he got a chance. The princess fell ill. The court physician came to cure her and failed. Then the other physicians tried and they also failed. The Sultan announced a good reward to the man who could cure her. The young man thought that it was a good chance to avenge the sultan.

He disguised himself as a physician and met the Sultan and said, “I will try to cure her illness".

He asked the Sultan to bring the enchanting horse near her which he had taken form the Indian youth. The Sultan ordered his men to bring the horse near her. The young man went near the princess and sat beside her. He chanted some magical words near her face.

At once the princess got up from her bed. She was fresh and happy to see the young man. On seeing this, the Sultan and others cheered them. But suddenly the disguised young man took the princess and put her on the horse and flew away. The young man revenged the Sultan and at the same time got his reward. The Sultan had promised him the enchanting horse also. He went to his land and lived happily.
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