The Fisherman and The Genie

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Once a fisherman lived in a village. He led his life with his earnings from fishing. One day he cast his net into the sea. He waited for some time and pulled the net out. But there was nothing in the net. He felt worried and thought in his mind, "To day, my family and I will starve without food." He tried again and again but was in vain.

Finally he cast the net without any hope into the sea. After a few minutes, he pulled the net. He felt that the net was heavy. His face brightened….It looks there is a big fish in the net. But when he pulled out the net from the sea, he saw a big old jar in the net. It was closed by a beautifully decorated lid. He tried and opened the Jar.

There came a gigantic genie with an ugly wicked face. He laughed in high pitch “I have been hungry inside the jar. I want food immediately. I shall eat you". He said in loud voice. On hearing this the fisherman was terribly afraid. But he gathered his courage and said. “You are so big. How can I satisfy your hunger? The wicked genie again asked him to come near so that it could eat the fisherman.

Again the fisherman said, ‘‘I am poor. I didn't do any harm to you. Then why do you want to kill me. Genie?" But the genie said. “I would not hear your words again. Come near me quick".

But the fisherman had an idea in his mind to escape from the genie said", I am ready now…but before you kill me you have to answer my question".

"Quick", the genie said with anger.

The fisherman asked him how such a huge genie could be inside a small Jar. The genie replied that he could make himself as tiny as he. The fisherman wanted to test it. So the genie made himself as little as possible and jumped into the jar. Suddenly the fisherman closed the Jar as quickly as he could and threw the Jar into the Sea. So the wicked genie was locked inside the Jar once again. The fisherman was very happy and he escaped from the danger with his presence of mind.
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