Three Brothers

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Once upon a time there lived three brothers. They were Ali, Hassim and Khaieel. Before their father died, he asked his sons to divide the wealth into three equal shares. After their father's death, they divided the wealth into three parts.

Ali started a business in the same place. Hassim and Khaieel let the place to seek knowledge and learn from the opportunities. Ali's business improved very well and he had all the facilities of luxury and lived happily.

One day he found Laila a wise maiden who had magical powers. They got married and lived happily. She led a loving life, serving her husband.

Ali's brothers visited all the places in the kingdom. Their part of wealth was spent up. So they became beggars. One day they came to Ali’s shop and begged. Ali took some coins and went near the beggars. When he was ready to give the coins, he recognized their voices. Ali was shocked at their look.

“What happened to you?" said Ali in a stammering voice.

“We lost what ever you gave us. O brother! Our business failed because of our carelessness". They confessed

Ali said. “Don’t worry brothers. What we have now is ours, come on. We shall go to our home. They went to Ali’s house with a wicked plan to kill their brother Ali at any cost. Laila also looked after them very well. But she found out their wicked plan to kill Ali through her magical power.

Ali gave them each thousand gold coins and said, “You start some business here and come up in life."

Hassim said, “We have a plan to go east. You also come along with us. You bring Laila also. There we can earn more and shall live together."

Khaleel also accepted the idea of Hassim. Ali and Laila accepted their idea. But Laila knew the cunning plan of Hassim and Khaleel.

All of them set off on a voyage to the east. The two wanted to kill Ali in the voyage itself. Laila watched them carefully with her magical power. Hassim and Khaleel pushed Ali into the sea. Laila followed them alertly she took Ali to the ship again with a rope. When they returned home, She with her magical power had cast spell on the brothers and sent them to their house as watchdogs at the gate.

When Ali and Laila returned home, Ali saw two dogs in the gate tied with a rope. Laila said, “The dogs are your wicked brothers. I turned them into dogs."

Ali became sad and said "Please forgive them and make them as men again".

But Laila said, "Now it is not possible because the spell is for a limited years. Until then I can not change them."

So they lived as dogs for ten years and then were changed as men. Then they felt sorry for their behavior and lived with Ali helping him in the business.
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