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(one) hasn't lived (until) (one) hasn't the foggiest (one) is (just) too much (one) is about to (do something) (one) is going to kill (someone) (one) is going to murder (someone) (one) is not as green as (one) is cabbage-looking (one) is not going to bite (someone) (one) is not going to eat (someone) (one) is not playing with a full deck (one) is off (one's) rocker (one) is old enough to be (someone's) (parent/grandparent) (one) is old enough to know better (one) is on the DL (one) just doesn't get it (one) last fling (one) made (one's) (own) bed (one) made (one's) bed and (one) has to lie in it (one) made (one's) bed and (one) must lie in it (one) might be forgiven for (doing something) (one) might do worse (one) needs to get out more (one) never thought (one) would see (someone) here (one) never would have guessed (one) only has one pair of hands (one) puts (one's) pants on one leg at a time (one) should be so lucky (one) smart apple (one) still has (one's) communion money (one) will be forgiven for (doing something) (one) will be lucky (one) will eat (someone or something) for breakfast (one) will have (someone or something) for breakfast (one) will kill (someone) (one) will murder (someone) (one) woke up on the right side of the grass (one) won't (do something) again in a hurry (one) won't be (doing something) again in a hurry (one) won't bite (someone) (one) won't eat (someone) (one) won't give up without a fight (one) won't hear of (something) (one) won't take no for an answer (one) would (do something) for two pins (one) would (just) as soon (do something) (one) would be forgiven for (doing something) (one) would be lucky (one) would do well to (do something) (one) wouldn't (do something) again in a hurry (one) zigged when (one) should have zagged (one, two, three) strikes against (someone or something)
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