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have (a) method to (one's) madness have (a) skeleton(s) in (one's)/the closet have (a) skeleton(s) in (one's)/the cupboard have (a) use for (someone or something) have (a)hold of (someone or something) have (all) the cards have (an amount of) plates spinning have (any/no) feelings about (someone or something) have (any/some) bearing on (someone or something) have (got) (one) pegged as (something) have (got) (one's) nose out of joint have (got) (one's) number have (got) (someone's) back have (got) (something) cinched have (got) a glow on have (got) a knack for (something) have (got) a load on have (got) a short fuse have (got) a skinful have (got) a tiger by the tail have (got) an/(one's) eye on (someone or something) have (got) good vibes (about someone or something) have (got) it all over have (got) it made in the shade have (got) it over (someone or something) have (got) it over (someone or something) in (something) have (got) the hots have (got) to (do something) have (got) to hand it to (someone) have (hand)writing like chicken scratch have (high) hopes of (something) have (one) bang to rights have (one) by the balls have (one) by the short and curlies have (one) cold have (one) dead to rights have (one) in (for something) have (one) in fits have (one) in stitches have (one) on a short leash have (one) on the run have (one) on toast have (one) over a barrel have (one) rolling in the aisles have (one) taped have (one) to thank have (one) up have (one's) (best) interests at heart have (one's) (name and) number on it have (one's) (own) way have (one's) act together
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