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Arrayput one's shoulder to the wheel|put|shoulder|wheel put oneself in another's shoes|another's place|ano put out|put put out of the way|out of the way|put put over|put put someone on|put|put on put that in your pipe and smoke it|pipe|put|smoke put the bite on|bite|put|put on put their heads together|head|heads|lay their head put through|put put through one's paces|paces|put|put through put to bed|bed|put put to it|put put to rights|put|rights|set|set to rights put to sea|put|sea put to shame|put|shame put to sleep|put|sleep have hopes of have hot pants have hot pants for (someone) have hot pants for someone have hung up and salted have hysterics Have I got (something) for you! Have I got for you! have I got news for you Have I made myself clear? have in have in common have in corner have in hand have in hands have in mind have in pocket have in sights have in spell have in stock have in store have in tow have intimate relations with have intimate relations with (one) have it have it (all) together have it (one's) way have it all over (someone) have it all together have it away have it away (with someone) have it away with have it both ways have it coming have it coming to you have it easy have it going on have it in (one) have it in (one) to (do something) have it in for have it in for (someone) have it in for somebody have it in for someone have it in for, to have it in mind to do something have it in one have it in one to do have it in you have it in you to do something have it knocked have it large
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