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have its/(one's) moments have jack-shit have jam on it have just one oar in the water have kangaroos in (one's)/the top paddock have kangaroos in the top paddock have kangaroos in your top paddock have kissed the Blarney Stone have kittens have known better days have lead in (one's) pants have lead in (one's) pencil have lead in one’s pencil have legs have letters after (one's) name have luck run out have made have made your bed and have to lie on it have many irons in the fire have many strings to (one's) bow have many, etc. irons in the fire have mind in the gutter have mixed feelings have mixed feelings (about something) have money burning a hole in (one's) pocket have money to burn have money, time, etc. to play with have more chins than a Chinese phone book have more holes than Swiss cheese have more important fish to fry have more luck than sense have more money than God have more money than sense have more strings to (one's) bow have more than one string to (one's) bow have more than one string to fiddle have name inscribed in the book of life have neither chick nor child have nerves of steel have never looked back have nine lives have no business (doing something) have no business doing have no business doing something/to do something have no cause to (do something) have no chance in hell have no hard feelings have no heart for have no heart for (something) have no idea have no part in/of (something) to break the bank to cost an arm and a leg to pay through the nose to splash out on something to be loaded to be sitting on a small fortune to have money to burn to not have a bean to rub together to be as poor as church mice to be skint to be broke to scrimp and save a scrooge a skinflint
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