Canute and The Sea

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Canute was a great king. He was also a great soldier. He feared God. He loved his people. One day he went to the sea-shore. He sat on a chair close to the water. His friends stood behind him.

One of the friends said, “My Lord! You are the master of the world. Even the waves of the sea will obey your orders."

The king said nothing in reply. He turned to the waves and said, “This is my order to you. Don’t come near me. Go back! I am your master. Obey me!"

But the waves came nearer. They flowed over the king’s feet.

The kin then said to his friend, “I am not great! God alone is great! He rules the world. The Sun, The Moon, The Stars and The Sea obey only His Orders."

Canute put aside his crown. He did not wear it from that day.
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