Synonym of on one's own


Alone, without the company or aid of others
on my own alone by oneself solitary solo unaccompanied companionless deserted forlorn forsaken friendless isolated lone lonely lonesome me and my shadow me myself and I single all alone unattended unescorted individual independent unchaperoned partnerless sole single-handed hermit unmarried solus odd abandoned stag apart removed by one's lonesome without an escort left alone on your tod unassisted unaided by yourself on your own by itself on one's lonesome reclusive only on its own undisturbed uninterrupted without disturbance without interruption private detached unwatched unguarded loner on one's jack on one's Jack Jones a cappella on one's pat traveling light on one's Pat Malone without companions unattached unwed free spouseless uninvolved uncommitted husbandless unwedded available wifeless unengaged spinster unhitched unbetrothed uncoupled eligible chaste maidenly celibate bachelor not going out with anyone not spoken for maiden virgin living alone having missed the boat footloose a bachelor unloved going one's own way without a partner young, free and single nunlike on the shelf a spinster left on the shelf with no ties monastic without a wife not married nunnish footloose and fancy-free monklike not tied down monkish divorced virginal footloose and fancy free unfettered marriageable widowed without a husband separated fancy-free separate one onliest without a spouse neglected withdrawn particular autonomous lorn self-sufficient unique one and only one-off nonce remaining spare surplus unpaired extra leftover unused unmatched unitary uneven orra


Not limited or restricted
unrestricted open free unlimited unhindered absolute clear free-for-all unbounded unhampered unrestrained unbridled unchecked unconditional unconstrained unimpeded unopposed easygoing flexible lax loose public relaxed slack unblocked unconfined uncurbed unqualified unregulated untrammeled untrammelled freewheeling total uncircumscribed unobstructed able allowed free-spirited independent liberal liberated limitless uncommitted at liberty free for all with no holds barred uncontrolled uninhibited abandoned intemperate wild unfettered rampant ungoverned runaway unshackled wanton raw unbound unsuppressed unrepressed irrepressible footloose unchained reckless untied immoderate uncontrollable out of control at large no holds barred unencumbered immoral carefree boundless on the loose unreserved roaming licentious unstoppable unquenchable uncontainable undisciplined incontinent set loose impetuous profligate dissolute full-on without hindrance out of hand escaped unchallenged full without restrictions fugitive authorized demonstrative corrupt no-limit unstopped unclogged inordinate excessive smooth riotous no-holds-barred fast emotional incorrigible unprincipled shameless dissipated unclosed unruly permitted passable freed autonomous on the run uncaged boisterous on the lam out authorised go-as-you-please released free-range no limits unanimous uncontested uninterrupted unlicensed impulsive quit disencumbered untamed unbroken impotent extravagant running wild dysregulated cleared unbarred sprung not controlled approved sanctioned ungovernable violent unsecured unclasped flat-out resounding ceaseless bloody brutal unconditioned uncompromising categorical unambiguous intense uncontestable undisputable all out emphatic unmitigated assured capable of in a position to rabid enthusiastic unconcealed self-indulgent chaotic turbulent unmanageable crazed madcap crazy noisy hysterical berserk shut of unburdened immodest effusive free as a bird workmanlike fit entitled eligible debauched touchy-feely unchaste libertine egalitarian easy depraved gay rakish sinful wicked complete tarty swinging fallen slaggy whorish roundheeled equal riggish light philandering promiscuous at leisure without constraint of easy virtue audacious outrageous undefined classless unstructured open-ended broad-based wide-ranging intractable unconventional unrestrainable unrelenting unremitting relentless insuppressible inexorable fancy-free extrovert expansive free and easy unmanaged wayward rowdy disorderly emancipated lawless self-willed rough individualistic freethinking maverick disobedient stubborn without ties unattached happy-go-lucky without commitments bold attention-seeking corybantic incautious irrational uproarious unstinted ferocious willful wilful contrary headstrong individual talkative raving thrilled rash explosive fiery frenzied furious communicative chatty decontrolled unregimented giddy flighty frantic aggressive feverish forceful fierce frenetic mad loquacious forthcoming garrulous voluble conversational talky blind instinctive decadent brash unselfconscious extroverted fast-paced spontaneous candid natural discursive self-gratifying exciting louche fast and loose carnal irresponsible temerarious devil-may-care daredevil imprudent harsh frivolous salacious foolhardy careless gadabout overt off the cuff cut loose hanging out unself-conscious


Not working for or belonging to a particular body or organization

Antonym of on one's own

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