Antonym Dictionary: A Complete Guide

Antonyms are words with opposite meanings. They are a key component of the English language that enable us to convey meaning with precision. Whether you are a student, a writer, or just someone trying to improve your language skills, an antonym dictionary is an essential tool at your disposal. In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about antonyms and how to use them effectively.

What is an Antonym Dictionary?

An antonym dictionary is a reference tool that provides a list of words with opposite meanings. It is an important resource for writers, translators, students, and anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary. These dictionaries can be accessed online or in print and they are organized in alphabetical order.

English Vocalbulary

反义词 enlist 反义词 take 反义词 enroll 反义词 engage 反义词 schedule 反义词 withdraw 反义词 program 反义词 rank 反义词 quit 反义词 enter 反义词 concern 反义词 jargon 反义词 arrest 反义词 recite 反义词 slant 反义词 order 反义词 tome 反义词 hire 反义词 compile 反义词 run 反义词 calendar 反义词 record 反义词 reserve 反义词 lean 反义词 verbalization 反义词 specify 反义词 assign 反义词 recommendation 反义词 detail 反义词 tilt 反义词 pitch 反义词 prioritize 反义词 particularize 反义词 communication 反义词 pick up 反义词 slope 反义词 report 反义词 lingo 反义词 lurch 反义词 testimonial 反义词 impute 反义词 recline 反义词 tip 反义词 vocalization 反义词 incarcerate 反义词 enumerate 反义词 tabulate 反义词 cite 反义词 incline 反义词 talk 反义词 line 反义词 regard 反义词 return 反义词 sentence 反义词 expression 反义词 inscribe 反义词 name 反义词 respect 反义词 fiction 反义词 contact 反义词 charge 反义词 comment 反义词 sag 反义词 quote 反义词 rhetoric 反义词 prose 反义词 file 反义词 regulation 反义词 implication 反义词 series 反义词 itemize 反义词 jail 反义词 tongue 反义词 register 反义词 idiom 反义词 rattle 反义词 speech 反义词 cast 反义词 terminology 反义词 index 反义词 parlance 反义词 text 反义词 cant 反义词 invoke 反义词 annotation 反义词 canon 反义词 plow 反义词 amount 反义词 mention 反义词 vernacular 反义词 story 反义词 innuendo 反义词 dialect 反义词 allusion 反义词 voice 反义词 delegation 反义词 poll 反义词 novel 反义词 quotation 反义词 diction 反义词 bill 反义词 mode 反义词 resort 反义词 subsume 反义词 writing 反义词 position 反义词 reel off 反义词 bulletin 反义词 attribute 反义词 argot 反义词 inventory 反义词 patois 反义词 say quickly 反义词 column 反义词 category 反义词 hint 反义词 footnote 反义词 numerate 反义词 citation 反义词 connotation 反义词 rattle off 反义词 document 反义词 repertory
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