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have got a loose screw have got a monkey on (one's) back have got a screw loose have got all (one's) marbles have got an ace up (one's) sleeve have got ants in the/(one's) pants have got back have got bats in (one's) belfry have got egg on (one's) face have got it (all) together have got it (all) together to (do something) have got it bad have got it in (one) have got it in for (one) have got it made have got nothing on (someone or something) have got rocks in (one's) head have got something taped have got the hots for (someone or something) have got to (do something) have got what it takes have gravy on (one's) grits have gravy on one’s grits have gray hair have green fingers have growing pains have grown whiskers have had (one's) chips have had a basinful have had a basinful (of something) have had a bellyful have had a bellyful of somebody/something have had a few have had a good innings have had enough have had enough of (someone or something) have had it have had it with (someone or something) have had its day have had its/(one's) day have had more (something) than (one) has had hot dinners have had more than (one's) fair share of (something) have had one too many have had the biscuit have had the pleasure have had the radish have had the Richard have had your chips have had your day have had your fill of have had your fill of somebody/something have it all over have in tow have in one's hands have half a notion to have had its day have had it up to here have had enough have growing pains have foot-in-mouth disease have feet of clay have eyes in the back of one's head have eyes bigger than one's stomach have egg on one's face
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