Đồng nghĩa của be on one's case

Động từ

To harass or annoy (someone) persistently
persecute bother harass annoy bait tease badger hassle hound pester plague worry intimidate molest bully harry trouble vex victimise victimize aggravate bedevil bug chafe devil eat exasperate frost gall get grate gripe irk irritate itch nark nettle peeve pick on pique rasp rile ruffle spite terrorise terrorize heavy aggrieve beat burn up crucify distress dog dragoon exile expel hack off hector hunt injure outrage pursue put out wrong single out be on your back get the knife into give a hard time stick the knife into drive up the wall make it hot for someone make things hot for someone torment nag needle ride provoke chivvy heckle goad henpeck chivy browbeat rag prod curdle keep after keep on at go on at peck at be at scratch around rag on yap at search high heaven disturb upset anger miff get to displease wind up infuriate rub up the wrong way rankle incense gravel tick off get on your nerves get across oppress agitate hump madden give someone the hump fret exacerbate rark offend perturb get at tyrannize hack you off enrage antagonize beleaguer roil tyrannise bum out afflict rub the wrong way torture antagonise inflame drive round the bend get in your hair make someone see red get under your skin get on one's nerves discompose mither drive crazy drive mad drive round the twist have it in for get your goat rattle frustrate burn taunt make angry discriminate against disquiet stress drive to distraction beset tee off lean on abuse gnaw mistreat give someone grief menace scare make cross ill-treat pressurize get on your wick push around get your back up discommode give someone the pip niggle nudge fluster threaten disgruntle be down on affront pressurise try abrade breathe down someone's neck work on have a down on maltreat grate on domineer coerce rankle with make somebody's hackles rise make waves put your back up bulldoze pain unsettle put someone's nose out of joint frighten disconcert insult unnerve bullyrag disgust discountenance hurt discomfit perplex importune sting tantalize tantalise strong-arm dun flurry depress fuss bend someone's ear carp at T-off distemper be on the back of set one's teeth on edge rub you up the wrong way try your patience ruffle one's feathers raise your hackles terrify push about pressure mock confuse embarrass scold berate dissatisfy awe punish unfairly attack inconvenience affright haze upbraid faze strain cow besiege affect prick wound throw distract spook excite discombobulate impose on ire enflame mad intrude upon incommode mau-mau alarm grumble at pick at concern despair use strong-arm tactics on harp on at exercise dismay rattle one's cage ail bum scare the bejesus out of find fault with cheese off frazzle give a bad time scare off turn off hack unhinge put off make your blood boil hagride derail egg on drive bananas get on someone's back get your dander up wear on make anxious stick in one's craw steam up jar on eat away at work up weird out hit where one lives drive you up the wall freak out get up someone's nose confound be hostile to show antagonism to be against be set against disapprove of be prejudiced against daunt jar feel ill will towards bear a grudge towards show ill will towards target stress out hustle noodge macerate despoil foray roust press accost pother embitter brown off insist remind rouse mortify guy jerk around put the frighteners on break steam rib wig acerbate breath down someone's neck get on someone sour ridicule chide get someone jangle harm get your hackles up put the screws on eat at rile up try the patience of send into a rage thwart foil dishearten cause disquiet to agonize gibe chaff push button fire up heat up disparage rattle someone's cage ask for it be on at someone rasp one's nerves jar upon grate upon punish repeatedly and unfairly wear upon get a rise out of snit pet tiff huff stew throw off agonise psych out make uneasy get on the wrong side of make an enemy of somebody mess with reproach revile begrudge crab grudge put pressure on razz bring pressure to bear on make fun of grind be in someone's hair immolate use demonize override push grip demonise hang up get even upset the applecart louse up take the mickey get across someone dominate enslave tax get on the nerves of take the piss out of grind on grind at flummox burden discomfort get in the hair of floor fuddle grieve stir exploit manipulate humiliate violate weigh down test stump tyrannize over be autocratic disrupt criticize wear undo tear alarum stack the deck have your knife into chagrin belittle mess with someone's head sweat out weigh heavily on one's mind do someone's head in gnaw at lie heavy on cause anxiety to be a great weight on throw off balance shake up egg urge bite make nervous criticise put someone off their stroke put into a flap interrupt throw into a tizz bore cause someone to lose their composure misuse deride abase impede cross hinder throw into tizzy dishonor dishonour harrow find fault moan at be a pain in the neck mix up get on someone's case be a thorn in someone's side dump on put down ill-use martyrize take advantage of do an injustice to martyr moan on at keep complaining to take it out on bust someone's balls bust chops force go for jugular give no quarter lay a bad trip on step on the toes of compel blackjack railroad constrain oblige bogart bludgeon steamroller bluster subdue buffalo enforce overawe twist someone's arm

Động từ

To cause significant upset to (someone)
distress upset worry bother disturb pain grieve afflict agitate disquiet perturb sadden dismay ruffle wound displease harass irk oppress plague rack stress torture unnerve agonise agonize ail alarm alarum anguish annoy bug concern curse depress derail discombobulate discomfort discompose disconcert discountenance distemper distract flurry frazzle fuss harry hound hurt irritate miff offend peeve perplex pester rattle try unhinge unsettle anger confound faze fluster fret hagride hassle injure nag needle strain throw aggrieve break desolate dog exercise harrow indispose martyr nit-pick prick push shake strap tantalise tantalize torment trouble undo vex cause anguish to cause suffering to freak out get at get to pick on cut up eat at make wretched push buttons tick off weird out arouse anxiety in burn up weigh on do a number on give a hard time make it tough for make miserable throw off balance persecute beset bedevil burden exasperate gall discomfit mortify provoke dishearten dispirit aggravate crush deject confuse shock rile discourage daunt devastate excruciate gnaw at chafe nettle demoralize crucify outrage weigh down pique frustrate traumatize nark sting make anxious demoralise besiege chagrin shake up bewilder haunt tax make uneasy traumatise cast down beleaguer frighten bum out spook give someone grief abash embarrass hack off appall put out intimidate nonplus discommode scare cut to the quick overwhelm horrify tease take aback affront appal sicken knock for six get floor stun disgust grate badger drive up the wall eat abuse affect psych lie heavy on hurt somebody's feelings dash maltreat wrong cow startle spite molest blight put off put down weigh heavily on stir up shatter rankle knock sideways insult move disgruntle ride bully wind up panic turn off wring make unhappy mistreat puzzle pother cause agony to rankle with hang over subjugate niggle rasp frost goad slight rend make uncomfortable make waves get across sear smite put someone off their stroke chill rub up the wrong way knock the stuffing out of excite make sad get down make despondent beat down jolt infuriate bring down dumbfound incense madden jar nauseate work up ill-treat prey on your mind enrage inflict anguish on gripe terrorize tyrannize itch psych out incommode cause trouble to antagonize cause pain to overcome press give offence to pursue weary mither terrorise gnaw cause anxiety to antagonise make one's heart bleed disappoint put your back up stab give a bad time tyrannise unman get on your nerves get in your hair make gloomy inflame tear dampen confront be on your back pierce treat harshly diss dis disrespect be cruel to harm fear sweat stew sap cut tire preoccupy suppress inconvenience throw off gravel browbeat daze repress consternate debilitate egg on break one's heart put a damper on cause offense dampen spirits overpower victimize hector prey on chasten put into a flap dominate hack you off give someone the hump cause anxiety throw into a tizz make someone see red set someone back on their heels cause someone to lose their composure get under your skin victimise eat away at get your back up dump on cause discomfort to get on your wick terrify put someone's nose out of joint be a burden to do someone's head in drive round the bend take the wind out of your sails bring tears to your eyes drive round the twist break someone's heart face give someone the blues pour cold water on throw cold water on make someone fed up rub the wrong way be brutal to walk all over make somebody's hackles rise ruffle one's feathers affright despair derange bustle humiliate lacerate touch buffet strike surprise disoblige craze flummox repel test break the heart of slap stupefy rouse paralyse rock make fretful abrade abase prostrate paralyze awe cause anguish bait put the wind up let down scandalize turn on make a scene make blue drag down stir astound domineer menace flip out thwart drain put into a funk dissatisfy nag at bite pressurize throw into a tizzy obsess chivvy subdue overbear fire up rark stretch bowl over give a turn reduce to tears make self-conscious devil dull make angry pressurise be a great weight on hang up get your goat scandalise grate on beat be at cause concern to greatly upset tear to pieces be a burden on keep on at be offensive do in grind down drive bananas cast a gloom upon be a pain in the neck be a thorn in someone's side mess with someone's head rattle one's cage push around drive mad T-off tee off make your blood boil take over cheese off work on get your dander up breathe down someone's neck take control of kick around throw a curve hit where one lives push about trample on ride roughshod over weigh heavily on someone's mind ill-use dash hopes be on the back of break someone's spirit mess over get up someone's nose raise your hackles damage cause disquiet to suffer muse labour labor unquiet hurry assail flutter tear apart hustle quicken squirm deter make restless occupy scar tear away at addle tangle corner frenzy repulse hurt deeply muddle disorder turn incapacitate flip cramp disarrange convulse bruise shame importune buffalo gut uncalm dement petrify dun pick at be hurtful to bleed mourn cause suffering lambaste cause sorrow grind press down on get someone key up lay up hit hard interrupt unstring thrill be in someone's way rock the boat knock the wind out of lower be disagreeable to push the buttons of baffle down deplore weigh harsh one's mellow sweat out possess snub foil be rude to slur zing pull the rug from under devitalize demean incite disorientate cause pain cause someone distress thumb nose at exhaust pull the rug out from under get on one's nerves weigh heavily on one's mind arouse deeply upset knock props out revolt stimulate grip fuddle make someone scratch their head dampen someone's spirit ferment lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind flap begrudge crab grudge worst make cross visit take fidget stump overcharge humble defeat niggle at grind at mess with mess push someon's buttons disrupt bore occupy thoughts stagger wear beleague inflict trauma whelm overmaster swamp nudge henpeck lie heavily on tear at cause to panic cast a gloom on put knock for a loop amaze astonish make awkward make ashamed show up own disengage uncouple unfasten separate unhitch disconnect detach be agitated straiten be disagreeable be an affront to give offence tread on someone's toes drive to distraction drive crazy kick up a fuss kick up a stink take pains get even louse up put someone off their stride make someone laugh on the other side of their face make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth dispraise criticize criticise taunt slander bear down on damp down try your patience be a thorn in someone's flesh get your hackles up be in a tizzy be worried make nervous dish out dish it out give it to stick it to stress out labour over heavy tear to shreds hump exacerbate upset the applecart make flip bug up be in a flap make demands on make severe demands on put a strain on tire out wear out throw into tizzy dumfound flabbergast be in a stew get worked up get in a stew jerk around heckle burn macerate attack noodge despoil foray bullyrag push button heat up get the knife into snow under have had enough become bored make things hot for someone make discontented stick the knife into exhaust someone's patience hunt dragoon single out expel try the patience of make it hot for someone grate at lose patience exile give a zinger give the cold shoulder cast a pall over catch one short rattle someone's cage give someone the pip ask for it overawe chivy numb thunderstrike electrify drive insane droop put in a spot make a monkey of put in a hole put on the spot fester go on at send over the edge put out of countenance drag darken damp enervate make downhearted knock out gross out run down raise someone's eyebrows shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks completely surprise make someone's blood run cold dampen the spirits of lean on put pressure on be in someone's hair bring pressure to bear on cause to lose heart wear on be bothered wrench hurt the feelings of dampen someone's hopes gnaw away at gnaw away be a weight on someone's mind make desolate keep under overstretch overtax pressure tense cause to lose hope enslave harsh someone's mellow bear down make someone's heart bleed malign disillusion mystify hegemonize master disenchant exploit subject scourge keep down crunch overextend pinch encumber overload saddle bring under the yoke rule with an iron hand trample underfoot weigh heavy upon hold down smother handicap rule with a rod of iron rule over hold sway over tyrannize over put screws to bring someone to their knees put the squeeze on overthrow trample despotize rule coerce force put upon bring to heel foul up trespass screw up mess up fill with consternation do wrong by do an injustice to do wrong to cause harm to trespass against do the dirty on offend against cause to feel emotional strain overdo cause to feel mental strain make tense tense up put in traction push to the limit put on trial threaten manhandle cause discomfort misuse mishandle brutalize brutalise be painful make ill mix up play the heavy with disagree go against the grain be injurious to be sickening be disturbing make unwell be distasteful have an adverse effect on be injurious strike down be unsuitable cause illness to cause problems roil disorient embitter ire enflame mad bamboozle befuddle steam up be repugnant to make sick disaffect get across someone fright scarify sour reluct jar on catch off balance bemuse fox cause to be at a stand scare to death send into a rage scare the bejesus out of discontent turn stomach make your gorge rise hinder unbalance galvanize stop someone in their tracks acerbate maze galvanise strike terror into befog fill with fear scare stiff keep after jangle be offensive to pose muddy scare the pants off rub you up the wrong way knock over cause offence to stick in one's craw scare someone out of their wits scare the living daylights out of set one's teeth on edge put the fear of God into fog fill with loathing get a rise out of throw into a blue funk make one's hair stand on end make one's flesh creep drive you up the wall go to your head blow your mind heat put on edge take the wind out bum hack steam send into a spin cause resentment to cause annoyance to drive nuts roust dizzy chide accost rile up balk cavil baulk push one's buttons snit pet tiff huff grill dislocate start drive you crazy abominate misplease take by surprise get on the wrong side of make an enemy of somebody umbrage be a nuisance to get someone's wick eat up troll offend morals of drive you to distraction make livid stroke someone's hair the wrong way resent set someone's teeth on edge underwhelm arouse hostility in make someone's stomach rise interfere meddle drive you round the twist drive you round the bend impede cross catch unawares work into lather set off set on take a rise out of drive you off your head make you see red throw into a panic send chills down the spine of frighten to death frighten the living daylights out of spring on throw a curveball cause to lose your bearings be distasteful to be displeasing to play dirty envenom wilder drive you out of your mind make somebody's blood boil drive out of mind intrude upon surprize inspire panic in strike terror in frighten out of your wits fill with terror impose on bend someone's ear dash the hopes of carp at poison alienate snow obfuscate crawl get on someone's case undermine make punchy intoxicate bring up short inebriate stymie shatter the illusions of burst bubble blow away put out of action strike dumb hit like a ton of bricks hit take your breath away bring around make your head spin mess with one's head be all Greek to set someone thinking ball up weaken make someone feel sick make shudder be repulsive to give trouble give you the creeps make it tough make flesh crawl put to trouble put to some trouble enfeeble disempower jaundice empoison make resentful make bitter drive deflate blow out jumble unzip send up disorganize snarl disparage unglue take steam out cripple blow up bring low take apart disburb stiff worsen invigorate inspire whip up make someone want to throw up make someone feel nauseous scare witless be nervous be spooked give someone goose pimples chill to the bone scare away acidulate estrange make rancorous bitter venom chill to the marrow give someone the heebie-jeebies spur energize pump up be on pins and needles have ants in one's pants be like a cat on hot bricks be antsy be anxious freeze your blood get the wind up curdle the blood scare off make teeth chatter throw into a fright give one the creeps make one's blood run cold juice up enliven inspirit foment energise envigorate trigger animate enthuse liven up activize work jazz up titillate make someone jump out of their skin scare someone half to death

Trái nghĩa của be on one's case

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